Kian How is Asia’s leading audio specialist in the visual media space, with over $100 million in accumulated project revenue. He has over 10 years of experience operating as a Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Editor, Mix Engineer, Audio Supervisor and Audio Director.     


Based in Shanghai, China. He has worked on blockbuster films that scored $85 million in the box office(Wolf Warrior, directed by Wu Jing), $50 million budget TV series(Ice Fantasy, Story by Guo Jing Ming), BAFTA award winning games(Dishonored, Bethesda), global power brand events(Huawei Connect) and a myriad of other high profile projects. 

Through his experiences, Kian knows that half the key to a visual media product's success is won through the audiences auditory senses. This is achieved through expertly crafted audio experiences that is emotionally connected to the visuals, thus rewarding the audiences with a high value entertainment experience that will generate more commercial value for his clients. 

Kian never stops being at the forefront in his service to the visual media industries, and constantly aspires to serve more people and deliver great value through his talents and expertise. 

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