American McGee

​Game Designer(Doom, Quake,

American McGee's Alice)

Kian is one of those rare composers who's able to deliver genuinely genre diversity with soul and depth. His output is not a surface reflection of a particular musical genre's banal features but an emotional rendering from the essence of that genre's core. 

Alex Rivere

Audio Director(CCP Games)

Kian has been working with me on numerous game projects, from background music to trailer music, and on a wide range of musical style. His is an eclectic composer with strong work ethic. I recommend Kian to anybody looking for great music in their games or movies.

Matteo Stronati

Audio Director(Riot Games)

Kian is always capable of meeting the highest standards in audio for games, while working at very fast pace. Me and the other colleagues always knew that we could rely on him 100%, and as a result the clients felt exactly the same way about him and his work.

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